On-Site Color Consultation

$275.00 USD


  1.  Pay $275 for 60-minute In-Home Consultation, Up to 3 Rooms. Payment is required to place your consultation on our calendar. After payment has been received, your consult begins with a pre-consultation by phone. This allows the consultant to get details about your project, i.e. what inspires you, how you want the room to feel.

  2.  During the in-home visit. Your professional consultant will arrive with paint samples and examine your space taking into consideration the lighting, the shape and the way you use each room. We will take you step by step through each color scheme that's recommended and determine what's unique to your signature style.

  3.  After your in-home color consultation. Within 24 hours of the in-home visit (depending on the scope of work), you'll receive via email your signature Recommendation Report. This includes your selected colors, concepts and a shopping list of items you'll need to complete your project, via email with a list of selected colors and everything you'll need to complete.

You can share this report with your painter and/or decorator, helping to ensure the correct color scheme and quantities are ordered for your project.

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